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Peeling Effect Cabin


Regenerating, de-stressing and purifying scrub

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This gentle regenerating scrub with its micro-dermabrasion effect for the face and décolleté reduces blemishes, refines skin texture and evens out the complexion.

It prepares the skin so beauty treatments are more effectively absorbed and stimulates cell renewal in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

  • A gentle scrub suitable for combination and normal to dry skin that respects the most sensitive skin without triggering tightness and itching sensations.
  • Use the scrub once or twice a week depending on skin sensitivity.
  • Gel containing micro-grains of Silica that deliver a fresh sensation. Its subtle fragrance, carrying undertones of cotton in bloom, vanishes after rinsing.

• Regenerating Action

Gently removes dead skin cells and smoothes skin texture. 

(Silica Microbeads)

• De-stressing Action

De-stresses the skin by releasing ß-endorphin hormone for greater effectiveness and protects sensitive skin from dehydration and tingling sensations.

(Everlasting Complex)

• Purifying Action

Eliminates impurities and reveals a glowing complexion.

(Minerals and Amino Acids from the Sea, Silica Powder)

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Peeling Effect Cabin

Peeling Effect Cabin

Regenerating, de-stressing and purifying scrub

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