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Global anti-aging specific skincare, smoothing, redensifying and moisturizing

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Prevents and minimizes all visible signs of skin aging. 

A powerful cocktail of active ingredients preventing and reducing cutaneous slackening, wrinkles, dull complexion, loss of moisture and elasticity, for each type of skin starting from 30 years of age. 

  • Created for combination, normal and dry skin, even for the most sensitive or postmenopausal skin
  • Use it daily on your face, day and / or night (better).
  • Smooth cream, rich in active ingredients. Its fragrance evokes a floral bouquet which disappears after the application. 

• Anti-Aging Action

Rectifies disorder within the skin caused by aging.

(Butterfly Lavender, Samphira Aroléat®)

• Smoothing Action

Fixes and relaxes wrinkles for instant results, enabling epidermal reconstruction for a lasting smoothing effect.

(Criste Marine Complex, Butterfly Lavender)

• Redensifying Action

Naturally exfoliates and redensifies the skin with its double action:

1/ Reduces wrinkles and prevents 

their onset

2/ Evens out skin radiance and 

redefines facial contours

(Samphira Aroléat®, Red Ginseng, White Tea)

• Moisturizing Action

Moisturizes mature skin where it needs it 

and nourishes delipidated skin.

(Borage and Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera)

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Lift Effect

Lift Effect

Global anti-aging specific skincare, smoothing, redensifying and moisturizing

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