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Family well-being with natural cosmetics

Products and formulations, without endocrine disruptors or controversial substances

Yuka, excellent. A score of 100/100

Products used by clinics and hospitals

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Skinhaptics,"the science of touch "

Sandrine Dahan's expertise, the victory of beauty

The Skinhaptics massage, source of well-being for babies

Le massage Skinhaptics, source de bien-être pour les enfants

Des massages bien-être pour les futures mamans et en postnatal

The range is recommended in the maternity field by CosmeticOBS as the best products for babies, children and mothers-to-be.

Allergen free, ideal for atopic skin

Cottonseed oil, organic plum oil and sunflower oil

Natural fragrance that does not disturb mom / baby's sense of smell

Ingredients sourced from Organic Farming

Face Cream 50ml

Crème Visage


"Baby, child, pregnant woman, atopic skin"

Huile de massage 100 ml

Huile de massage 100 ml

huile de massage Cabine

huile de massage Cabine

It has been specially developed for the skin of children, pregnant women and atopic skins. 

Huile Prestigieuse Visage

Huile Prestigieuse Visage

Prestigious Oil is a dry oil for the face of future mothers, adults and atopic skins. Thanks to its natural, allergen-free composition, the skin is moisturized and silky.

Huile sèche

Huile sèche

The huile sèche- Dry Oil is 100% natural, without allergens, without food concerns for the baby. It has been specially developed for the skin of children, pregnant women and atopic skins.

Nettoyant Visage Mousse

Nettoyant Visage Mousse

The formula of the facial cleanser is natural, allergen-free, ideal for sensitive skin of babies, children, expectant mothers and atopic skins. The skin is clean and soft.

Shower Gel 400ml

Shower Gel 400ml

The Shower Gel has a natural, allergen-free formula that best respects the sensitive and fragile skin of babies, children, pregnant women and atopic skins.