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Procosmet is a retailing group exclusive of marks of innovative cosmetics and devices for the professionals of beauty in Switzerland and in Europe.
Our team has for mission to propose marks respecting three fundamental values.
  • The Innovation - Registered in the 21th century, our marks distance themselves by their capacity to innovate, to propose experiences beauty modern and exclusive, thanks to techniques or formulations stemming from last searches. They are resolutely avant-gardist.

  • The Ethics - DNA of Procosmet, we respect a strict charter which allows us not to market products containing substances subjected to debates. The precautionary principle, principle expensive to the medical world is our proverb.

  • The Technicality - Our job does not stop in the marketing of products, we make it a point of honor to pass on the technicality of the marks within the framework of the trainings which we organize and in the advice or the answers which we bring to the everyday life to our customers. 
In a spirit of close collaboration with our customers, we propose a fast and personalized service. 
For the pros of beauty in Switzerland and in Europe We supply only the professionals of beauty and not the private individuals.
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