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Japanese face and head massage

Dans: Formation

Wonderful ritual of beauty and well-being from the tradition of Japan


Wonderful ritual of beauty and well-being from the tradition of Japan. Its regular practice improves the quality of the skin, it helps to act on the firmness and luminosity of the face, neck and cleavage. The muscles are relaxed and toned, the toxins drained. The gestures are an alternation of gentle digitopressions from the shiatsu, pinched percussions and original smoothing of the face. This massage can be included in most facials or offered as a genuine relaxing treatment for people who don't want to strip their bodies. In cure or in punctual care to boost the brightness of the face, it allows to enrich all the cards of spa menu.


14h, 2 days fitting according to your diary

Dates & hours

Between 8 am and 5 pm


On site in your wellness


Wellness massage practice or face treatment practice

Public concerned

Professionals wishing to develop their skills. Estheticians or wellness massage practitioners.


- Know the philosophy of Japanese facial massage, its benefits contraindications.

- Learn and integrate the maneuvers in order to use them in your professional practice.

- Know how to perform the complete massage in 60 minutes.

- Acquire the correct posture to preserve its joints of the shoulders and the wists thanks to advice in ergonomics and placement in the body


- Book: course manual

- Presentation of philosophy, benefits and contraindications

- Demonstration of maneuvers

- Practice between people receiving training or on models

- Response to questions and post-training follow-up

- Tips to promote this massage to the clientele


chf 350.- per day

Plan ahead

- A model if training for a single person

- Two towels and two medium towels

- Massage oil

- Comfortable attire for massaging

- Materials needed to take notes


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