>Akwaterra kit corps


Akwaterra kit corps

Akwaterra body kit

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It includes four pairs of massage accessories in porcelain stoneware ceramic.

Each has a specific shape and function, optimizing their properties.

Their ergonomic shape combined with the diffuse action of heat allows the practitioner to perform treatments on the entire body in depth while maintaining a continuous energy; this also promotes the treatment of areas of tension. Several massages available

or Draining.
They promote reconnection with the body and provide soothing and rejuvenation.

The effectiveness of Akwaterra massages relieves daily aches and pains, unravels muscles contracted by stress.

The advantage of the choice of temperature (hot or cold option) allows you to set up personalized care for your customers.


Muscle relaxation, dissipation of tensions etc....
The Akwaterra are filled with hot water (about 40°) held in a water bath on an electric hot plate heater.
The heat diffused by the Akwaterra dilates the pores and enhances the benefits of massage oils and essential oils.


Improvement of blood circulation, firming of the body, drainage of fat cells, smoothing effect of the epidermis...
Akwaterra are filled with cold water, adding ice cubes to the dish enhances the slimming action of Akwaterra.

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Akwaterra kit corps

Akwaterra kit corps

Akwaterra body kit