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>>Akwaterra Kit Visage


Akwaterra Kit Visage

Akwaterra face kit

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Customize, create, stand out with the new Akwaterra face kit and its 4 pairs of accessories with specific shapes and actions.

You meet your customers' expectations!
You are free to use: scrub, exfoliant, butter, oil, anti-ageing care, moisturizing & firming care....

It is suitable for all curves of the face and bust.

It prepares the skin to optimize the cosmetic range of your choice, promotes cell regeneration, stimulates microcirculation, the skin is more hydrated and luminous.

Hot: the heat dilates the pores, promotes the penetration of cosmetics, activates energy and relaxes the face,.....

Cold: promotes micro-circulation, tightens pores, brings radiance to the face.

Associated on the same hot/cold care for an effect

"relaxing and energizing".

The Kit includes

4 pairs of accessories - 1 Akwaterra towel - 1 Akwaterra container - 3 candles
- 1 warming plate 

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Akwaterra Kit Visage

Akwaterra Kit Visage

Akwaterra face kit

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