List of products for Ozalys

Ozalys is a brand created by women for women affected by breast cancer. A complete range of hygiene treatments, face and body, to help them take care of themselves on a daily basis.

Through innovative products with their formulas, galenic and packaging, OZALYS allows women who so wish to continue to take care of themselves on a daily basis. They can thus preserve their beauty ritual thanks to adapted solutions that take into account the consequences of the various curative treatments and their undesirable side effects such as olfactory and sensitive ultra-sensitivity.

Indeed, the hygiene, face and body care, perfuming products and Ozalys make-up have been developed with the highest standards, minimizing preservatives and excluding all substances suspected of being dangerous to health. Their highly soothing, moisturizing and protective action, as well as their delicate application, make these beauty treatments also moments of well-being and softness.